Wanna join hands-on product development..? 

..with a new type of plant based protein / fat in the middle of Europe?

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Probably the most exciting food  internship currently out there...

Inspired by agriculture and the circular economy

Kern Tec is a B2B company that produces new and unique products for the food industry from unused resources of the fruit industry (apricot, cherry, plum pits). 

In Europe, fruit pits are a waste product - such as in the juice industry. However, these largely undiscovered resources have great potential due to their valuable proteins and fats. At Kern Tec, they are gently washed, dried and then separated into seeds and shells to unlock their maximum potential. We then create products such as milk, spreads, oils or ice cream out of them. Continuous innovation allows us to maintain our zero-waste philosophy. 

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Your office in Vienna + regular on-site visits to the factory to further develop applications and see the production running

Our office in the middle of Vienna's greatest district

Schottenfeldgasse 41/30

1070 Wien


Our production center close to Vienna

Wielandsthal 16

3130 Herzogenburg